Sermons from January 2015

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Philippians 4: 14-23

Partners in the gospel We were never meant to be alone in our Christian living and as Paul needed others as partners in the gospel so do we!

Philippians 4: 10-13


Being Content in Christ Jesus is the source of contentment and the underpinning of life but we often try to find our strength in other things other than Jesus. We need to renew and strengthen our link between contentment and Christ , we need to be rooted within Him who loves us.

Simon Hardacre’s Baptism Service

Believer’s Baptism Baptism is a very special moment on the journey of faith. It is a moment when God’s presence and blessing meets us, and it is a moment when we make our personal commitment of faith in Jesus as Lord. Simon’s baptism took place by full immersion in water as part of our Sunday Service. […]

Christmas Day Service 2014

CHRISTMAS PRAYER Living God, may the worship we have shared this Christmas lead to acts of service which transform people’s lives; May the carols we have sung this Christmas help others to sing, even in their sadness; May the gifts we have exchanged this Christmas deepen our spirit of giving throughout the year; May the candles […]

Christingle Service 2014

Christingle has since become one of the most popular events in the church calendar for families and communities. Although each church and school celebrate their Christingle in their own way, the spirit of remains the same: children have fun making their Christingles while learning what each element represents and means to Christians. After Christingles have been […]